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Four Steps to Select Compression Test Equipment for Metals

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Four Steps to Select Compression Test Equipment for Metals

Configuring equipment to compression test metal samples takes four steps.

Step One: The first step to configure compression test equipment is to gather background information on the types of metal samples you plan to test. What type of metal material do you need to compression test? One you have established the ceramic type, an engineer can determine the appropriate size test machine that you will need. There are many metal materials to choose from including reinforced ceramic composite metal, polymer ceramic metal, metallurgy, matrix composite , metallic foam , ceramic composite, high temperature metals, fiber laminates, elevated temperature metal, cellular, building metals, adhesively bonded metal and woods metal.

Step Two: The next step is to determine the form of your metal test samples. This information is essential to engineers in order to select the best test fixtures. Do your samples come in the form of metal tubing, thin sheet, cylindrical specimens, rectangular, implants, columns, cube, corrugated, cable, button coupons, bearing, or metal forming? Step Three: For the third step, determine which test data that you need to report. Knowing the end data that you wish to collect can help an engineer select the proper test software. Information can include compressive tensile stress, equibiaxial, fatigue, flexural, fracture, friction, impact, lab reports, limits, load displacement, mechanical testing, modulus, relaxation, shear, static, strength, tensile, tension, theory, three point bending, torsion, uniaxial, and yield strength. Step Four: For the last step, consider if you may need to follow standard test methods. ASTM and ISO test standards help define test equipment details and confirm equipment selection. International test methods available from organizations such as ASTM, ISO and CEN. Once you have determined the answers to these vital questions, a TestResources engineer can easily configure the perfect compression test machine for you. Call today to speak directly with a metals test engineer.b