Fine wire can be found in any electrical device today. The fine wire is used to connect integrated circuits and printed circuit boards. Fine wire is typically defined as wire less than 0.050 in. in diameter. Independent of the application, it is critical to understand the strength, working load, and elongation of the fine wire being used. Gripping fine wire for tensile, torsion, or peel adhesion testing can prove difficult without the correct grips. Often, using improper grips for wire testing will damage the wire and result in failure below the actual strength of the wire. Capstan grips are an ideal gripping solution for static tensile wire testing because they effectively distribute the tensile load around the capstan ring, resulting in failure between the grips and accurate tensile measurements of wire strength. Capstan grips are also allow for easy attachment of wire specimen. Horn Style Capstan Grips: These grips are ideal for gripping fine wire. Horn style capstan grips distribute the tensile load around a specifically designed horn and pneumatically powered plates lock the wire in place without damaging the wire. Tensile Capstan Grips for Wire, Rope, and Cable: These grips are a slightly different design from the horn style capstan grips, however they also function by distributing the tensile load, therefore minimizing failure at the grip. The test machine that should be used for testing fine wire is dependent on the breaking force of the wire, and the complexity of the test being performed. TestResources universal material testing machines are effectively used for determining the strength of wire. TestResources test machines meet the requirements specified in many standard test procedures for constant-rate-of-extension and constant-rate-of-load machines. This allows the machines to be programmed to perform many unique testing procedures. Load cells are fitted to specific load applications to ensure the highest resolution of tests. For fine wire, TestResources offers a laser for accurate measurements of elongation of wire.