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Cold Environment Fatigue Testing Extensometer (Setup)

Fatigue tests (tension-tension, compression-compression and strain controlled tension-compression) in liquid nitrogen is possible with the 900 Series servo hydraulic load frames configured with a liquid nitrogen LN2 cryostat. The system consists of a dual column servo hydraulic test machine with the actuator placed in the adjustable height crosshead. A large LN2 cryogenic dewar is located under the actuator. Prior to submersion, a test sample is gripped and a special low temperature extensometer mounted. The frame includes a sub frame located below the actuator so that the loads are reacted against inside the test environment. During setup, the crosshead is lowered, with actuator extended until the subframe is submerged in the media. The cryostat is modular and can be removed with a conventional low temperature chamber (rated -185C) replacing it. Specially engineered grips are required for low cycle fatigue strain controlled tests in LN2.

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