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Educational Teaching Lab Test Equipment for Biomedical Students | Academic Spotlight

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Test Machine for Biomedical Students

Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering (Purdue University) outfitted their biomedical teaching lab with multiple mechanical test stations to expose students to testing experience. Their focus was around integrating engineering and biological principles with key topics in biomaterials and biomechanics. Educational topics include evaluation and interpretation of experimental results, modeling and testing tissue and body mechanics, and biomaterial/tissue interactions.

Upon completion of the course each student is able to 1) implement bio-molecular and cellular experimental concepts towards biomechanics and biomaterials, 2) employ analytical tools and techniques used in the analysis of mechanical properties of tissue and biomaterials, cellular interactions with biomaterials, and finite element analysis, 3) collect, record, process, statistically analyze, and report experimental data related to the analysis of mechanical testing and cellular interactions with biomaterials, and 4) design a device/and or method to solve a biomechanical or medically relevant problem. The 100 series product line has proven ideal for any engineering curriculum. Machines are configurable with several performance packages (load, speed) and used to conduct tensile, compression, shear, peel, stress relaxation, and creep tests on metals, plastics, muscles, tissues, bone, polymers, biomaterials and devices. The all-digital servocontroller is capable of load or speed rate control. Load and position (or optional strain) data is captured and exported to Excel for analysis. The system performs sawtooth load controlled cyclic tests.

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