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Biological Soft Tissue Biomechanics Research Test Equipment

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Biological Soft Tissue Biomechanics Research Test Equipment

Biomechanical research of soft tissues covers a vast field including almost any tissue in the human body that is not bone. These tissues include skin, cartilage, connective tissue, muscle, and internal organs. The vast range of tissues involved in biological soft tissue research also requires a full range of mechanical tests including compression, tensile, torsion, shear, indentation, and fatigue. A large portion of soft tissue research is aimed at characterizing the mechanical properties of biological tissues for the purpose of developing better computational models. These models will provide better understanding of various medical conditions, such as the damage inflicted on internal organs in motor vehicle accidents and the alteration of material properties in the brain due to traumatic brain injury. Soft tissue research is also analyzing the material behavior of biological tissues under the various mechanical loads experienced in the human body, like the effect of mechanical loads on the structural realignment of fiberous tissues. Along with providing the data for better computational models, this information is necessary for biomedical tissue engineers developing cultured tissue equivalents that match the mechanical properties and structure of native tissues. The experience of TestResources in providing soft tissue biomechanical test systems is evident in the large number of universities conducting soft tissue research with TestResources equipment. In just a couple examples, our machines have been used to test the strengthening of tendons by preconditioning in tensile loading and to characterize the material properties of brain tissue. With an inventory of planar biaxial, axial torsion-tension, multi-mode loading, and electrodynamic universal test machines, TestResources has the equipment to customize a biological tissue testing solution for your specific application. Contact a TestResources application engineer to build the best biomedical test system for your current and future tissue research.

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