180 Degree Peel Adhesion Credit Card Test

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Credit Card Laminate Peel Adhesion Test

The 180 degree peel adhesion test measures the level of adhesion of the credit card laminate to the substrate. Peel adhesion of laminated credit cards begins with an operator manually unpeeling a test strip from the credit card and using lightweight vise grips to peel it back. This test is similar to the 90 degree peel test except that the bonded area between the tape and plate is placed vertically between the peel test grips while the free end of the of plate is gripped at the bottom and the free end of the tape is gripped at the top so that it forms a tight “U” shape. While peel testing, it is important to focus on repeatability of your angle. Without a replicated angle, the tests will most likely result in scattered data, which will make it difficult to optimize a design. For help with planning 180 degree peel tests, contact us or call 800.430.6536 to speak directly with an applications engineer.