G240k-S20 Screw Action Grip

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G240k-S20 Screw Action Grip


Model #
Max Force Capacity
2 kN (450 lbf)
Max Opening
Sample Diameter
2 to 20 mm
Temperature Range
-70 to 180 C (-95 to 355 F) - other temperatures available on request.
Fixture Adapter
Af159 (15.9 mm or 5/8 in) with 8 mm crosspin; Other adapters available upon request.
Max Jaw Width
100 mm (3.93 in)

Jaw Options

Popular Jaws

The size of the jaw determines the grip opening. Please refer to the jaw opening when making your selection. Learn how to select the right jaw for your application or talk to one of our application engineers today.

Model Number Surface Size WxH
Jaw Opening
J240k-BV2 Round V Jaws 30x30 ⌀2-20
J240k-BV3 Round V Jaws 30x30 ⌀3-20
Model Number Surface Size WxH
Jaw Opening
J240k-B25x25 Blank Jaws 25x25 0-20
J240k-B25.4x25.4 Blank Jaws 25.4x25.4 0-20
J240k-B Blank Jaws 30x30 0-20
J240k-B50 Blank Jaws 50x30 or 50x50 0-20
J240k-B50.8x50.8 Blank Jaws 50.8x50.8 0-20
J240k-B80 Blank Jaws 80x30 0-20
J240k-B100 Blank Jaws 100x30 0-20
J240k-BG25x25 RUbber Coated Jaws 25x25 0-18
J240k-BG Rubber Coated Jaws 30x30 0-18
J240k-BG50 Rubber Coated Jaws 50x30 0-18
J240k-BG25x75 Rubber Coated Jaws 75x25 0-18
J240k-BG80 Rubber Coated Jaws 80x30 0-18
J240k-BG100 Rubber Coated Jaws 100x30 0-18
J240k-BP25x25 Pyramid Serrated Jaws 25x25 0-20
J240k-BP25.4x25.4 Pyramid Serrated Jaws 25.4x25.4 0-20
J240k-BP Pyramid Serrated Jaws 30x30 0-20
J240k-BP50 Pyramid Serrated Jaws 50x30 0-20
J240k-BP80 Pyramid Serrated Jaws 80x30 0-20
J240k-BP100 Pyramid Serrated Jaws 100x30 0-20
J240k-BW Wave Corregated Jaws 30x30 0-20
J240k-BW50 Wave Corregated Jaws 50x30 0-20
J240k-BW80 Wave Corregated Jaws 80x30 0-20
J240k-BW100 Wave Corregated Jaws 100x30 0-20
J240k-BD Diamond Coated Jaws 30x30 0-20
J240k-BD50 Diamond Coated Jaws 80x30 0-20
J240k-BD80 Diamond Coated Jaws 100x30 0-20
J240k-BD100 Diamond Coated Jaws 100x30 0-20
J240k-BLC Line Contact Jaws 30x30 0-16
Popular Jaw Insert Carriers

Required for Jaw Inserts

Model Insert Size
J240k-GT30 Carrier for jaw inserts 30x30 mm, 30x50 mm
J240k-GT50 Carrier for jaw inserts 30x50 mm, 30x100 mm
Popular Jaw Inserts
Model Surface Size WxH
J240k-EBV3 Round V Jaw 30x30 ⌀3-14
Model Surface Size WxH
J240k-EB Blank Jaw 30x30 0-18
J240k-EB50 Blank Jaw 50x30 0-14
J240k-EB100 Blank Jaw 100x30 0-6
J240k-EBG Rubber Coated Jaw 30x30 0-16
J240k-EBG50 Rubber Coated Jaw 50x30 0-12
J240k-EBG100 Rubber Coated Jaw 100x30 0-4
J240k-EBP Pyramid Serrated Jaw 30x30 0-18
J240k-EBP50 Pyramid Serrated Jaw 50x30 0-14
J240k-EBP100 Pyramid Serrated Jaw 100x30 0-6
J240k-EBW Wave Corregated Jaw 30x30 0-18
J240k-EBW50 Wave Corregated Jaw 50x30 0-14
J240k-EBW100 Wave Corregated Jaw 100x30 0-6
J240k-EBD Diamond Coated Jaw 30x30 0-18
J240k-EBD50 Diamond Coated Jaw 50x30 0-14
J240k-EBD100 Diamond Coated Jaw 100x30 0-6
Mechanical screw side action grips provide an affordable and efficient method for holding test specimens in a wide range of applications. Mechanical screw side action grips provide an efficient method for holding test specimens in a wide range of tensile testing applications. Mechanical screw action grips are also the most affordable grip in their force class because they depend on the operator to open and close them. They don’t require the additional infrastructure associated with powered grips. The dual-acting design ensures that jaws can be adjusted side to side to accommodate different specimen thicknesses, and that the line of tensile force remains concentric with the grip body. All grips and fixtures can be adapted to fit any brand of test machine through the use of an optional coupler.

Jaws can be offset for irregular or asymmetrical specimens such as lap-shear types and component testing. Screw adjustment is possible on either side via hand or with a torque wrench. Engraved scales on the grip body aid in centering grip planes. Standard jaw surfaces include rubber-coated, serrated, smooth-ground, line contact, wave action, diamond surface, and V jaws for round samples.


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