G132-BPS42 Pneumatic Side Action Grip

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Model #
Max Force Capacity
3.5 kN (790 lbf)
Max Opening
Sample Type
Temperature Range
0 to 70 C (32 to 160 F) - other temperatures available on request.
Fixture Adapter
Af159 (15.9 mm or 5/8 in) with 8 mm crosspin; Other adapters available upon request.
Max Jaw Width
70 mm (2.75 in)
Sample Centering
Self Centering
Clamp Load
7 kN (1580 lbf) with air supply of 7 BAR (100 PSI)

Jaw Options

Popular Jaw Insert Carriers

Required for Jaw Inserts

J132-GT Carrier for jaw inserts
Popular Jaw Inserts
Model Surface Clampng Surface HxW
J132-EBB1 Special Wave Jaw for Bitumen Testing 65x70 0-14
J132-EBG Blank Jaw 65x70 0-14
J132-EBG Rubber Jaw 65x70 0-12
J132-EBP Serrated Pyramid Jaw 65x70 0-14
Pneumatic side action grips feature actuating air cylinders that improve productivity and repeatability. Pneumatic side action grips are the common solution for gripping elastic materials and specimen types that include fibers, sheet, thin films, textiles, rigid and elastic plastics, rubber and elastomers, wires, foils, and products, devices and components. These grips produce repeatable gripping forces and help speed up your testing process.

Dual action grips are recommended if specimen centering is important, especially if test samples vary in thickness from test to test. In volume test applications involving limited sample to sample variation, or in applications where the thickness does not vary much, a single acting pneumatic grip may be adequate.

Air compressors, foot switches, grip mounted air-valves and air kits are optional accessories that are available. For applications where jaw changes are a common occurrence, we recommend jaw inserts to speed your testing process. Our quick change jaw insert design allows jaws to be changed in seconds without the use of tools or pins. Standard jaw surfaces include rubber-coated, serrated, smooth-ground, line contact, wave action, diamond grit, and V-jaws.


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