GX300 Hydraulic Wedge Grip

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Model #
Max Force Capacity
300 kN (67500 lbf)
Max Opening
Sample Diameter
6 to 31 mm
Temperature Range
4 to 40 C (39 to 104 F) - other temperatures available on request.
Fixture Adapter
Female thread M36 x 2
Max Jaw Width
51 mm
Hydraulic wedge grips for tensile, compression and fatigue testing applications. Hydraulic Wedge Grips are simple to load and suitable for a variety of tensile and fatigue tests. Because the housing is symmetrical, the clamp loading of the specimen is evenly distributed across the entire face of the wedge. When the grips are pressurized, the wedges hold their position and do will move laterally, ensuring even specimen loading. Clamp load is directly proportional to the hydraulic pressure setting.


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