G135-60 Hydraulic Side Action Grip

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Model #
Max Force Capacity
30 kN (6750 lbf)
Max Opening
Sample Diameter
8 to 30 mm
Temperature Range
0 to 70 C (32 to 160 F) - other temperatures available on request.
Fixture Adapter
Af318 (31.8 mm or 1.25 in) with 12.7 mm crosspin. Other adapter sizes available on request.
Max Jaw Width
66 mm (2.59 in)
Sample Centering
Manual Adjustment
Clamp Load
60 kN (13500 lbf) with hydraulic power supply of 315 BAR (4570 PSI)

Jaw Options

Popular Jaws

The size of the jaw determines the grip opening. Please refer to the jaw opening when making your selection. Learn how to select the right jaw for your application or talk to one of our application engineers today.

Model Number Surface Clamping Surface Height
J135-60-BV V Jaw 60 ⌀6-30
J135-60-BDV Diamond Coated V Jaw 60 ⌀6-30
J135-60-BV210 V Jaw 70 ⌀8-20
Model Number Surface Clamping Surface HxW
J135-60-B Blank Jaw 60x66 0-30
J135-60-BP Pyramid Jaw 60x66 0-30
J135-60-BW Wave Jaw 60x66 0-30
J135-60-BD Diamond Coated Jaw 60x66 0-30
J135-60-BG Rubber Jaw 60x66 0-28
J135-60-BP210 Pyramid Jaw 70x210 0-20
J135-60-B210 Blank Jaw 70x210 0-20
J135-60-BP210 Pyramid Jaw 70x210 0-20
J135-60-BW210 Wave Jaw 70x210 0-20
J135-60-BWG210 Rubber Coated Wave Jaw 70x210 0-16
Hydraulic side action grips are the ideal solution for high-capacity testing. Hydraulic side action grips are used in high force tensile testing applications. They deliver enhanced gripping force capacity, usability, and operator safety compared to other grip approaches. Side acting hydraulic grips maintain a constant clamping force on the specimen that acts perpendicular to the direction of testing and is independent of tensile loading. Compression testing is possible using optional secondary load string adapters.

They can be configured with interchangeable grip jaws in various sizes and surfaces including smooth ground, rubber-coated, and serrated. Special temperature ratings optionally available from -10C to 200C. Hydraulic power packs and hoses are optional accessories.


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