G13m-SSB Pneumatic Cord, Yarn, Wire Grip

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G13m-SSB Pneumatic Cord, Yarn, Wire Grip


Model #
Max Force Capacity
2 kN (450 lbf)
Sample Diameter
0 to 2 mm
Sample Type
Temperature Range
-10 to 80 C (14 to 176 F) - other temperatures on request.
Fixture Adapter
Af159 (15.9 mm or 5/8 in) with 8 mm crosspin; Other adapters available upon request.
Clamp Load
6 kN (1350 lbf)
Capstan Diameter
Horn Type
Minimum Sample Length
250 mm (10 in)
Pneumatic capstan grip with a stainless steel bollard. The test specimen is wrapped one or more times around the capstan before being clamped with jaws. The capstan roller generates a slow notch free stress relief to prevent the breakage of the specimen in the jaw clamping area. The number of wraps depends on the sample's coefficient of friction.


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