G13k Pneumatic Cord, Yarn, Wire Grip

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Model #
Max Force Capacity
200 N (40 lbf)
Sample Diameter
0 to 1 mm
Sample Type
Temperature Range
-10 to 80 C (14 to 176 F) - other temperatures on request.
Fixture Adapter
Af8 (8 mm or 5/16 in) with 3 mm crosspin; Other adapters available upon request.
Clamp Load
880 N (200 lbf)
Capstan Diameter
Horn Type
Minimum Sample Length
150 mm (6 in)
Pneumatic horn style capstan grips are used to test fibers, fine wires, cords, filaments, yarns, and more! The test specimen is wrapped one or more times around the capstan before being clamped with jaws. The capstan roller generates a slow notch free stress relief to prevent the breakage of the specimen in the jaw clamping area. The number of wraps depends on the sample's coefficient of friction.


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