Multiple Probe Texture Jig for Jam

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Multiple Probe Texture Jig for Jam | G1381-2


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G1381-2 Multiple Probe Texture Jig for Jam was designed to customer requirements. Piercing tests are often used to evaluate food texture. Due to air bubbles, hard particles, or other variations in the internal structure of samples, however, test results can vary depending on where the sample is pierced, making evaluation difficult. To minimize such effects, tests can be performed by piercing samples with multiple probes. This process measures the total test force applied collectively to all probes, rather than the force applied to individual probes. Therefore, it results in data with higher reproducibility. It is used to test jams with pieces of
fruit, ice cream with cookie pieces, or
other foods that vary in level of
hardness or consistency, or to test
the hardness of vegetables with
multiple overlapping leaves. This jig
minimizes measurement error and
achieves a more average evaluation
of samples.