S10 S Type Load Cell

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S10 S Type Load Cell


Model #
Max Force Capacity
44N (10 lbf)
Mechanical Connection
1/4-28 Female
Static S type load cells compatible with TestResources controllers. S Series load cells are specifically designed for use with 100, 200 and 300 Series single column and dual column universal testing systems. Automatic transducer recognition and electrical calibration makes them easy to use. The standard S series load cells can withstand loads up to 150% of their force capacity without damage. Our SO series can handle loads to 1000% without failure. The load cells allow the user to zero out the tare weight of a grip or fixture that weighs up to 40% of the force capacity, while still maintaining the full specified accuracy.

TestResources load cells are individually temperature-compensated and tested for accuracy and repeatability on calibration apparatus traceable to international standards. S and SO Series load cells are precision force transducers consisting of a full strain gauge bridge bonded to a stiff and highly linear elastic element. When the element is subjected to a force, the electrical resistance of the gauges changes, providing an output signal proportional to the applied force. These load cells are suitable for tension, compression, cyclic and reverse stress testing. They have a wide measurement range allowing accurate force measurements to be made down to 1/100th of the force capacity.