Sample Cutting Dies for ASTM and ISO

ASTM and ISO industry standards commonly require test sample die cutters to fabricate samples to specific requirements documented as part of the standard test methods.

Our dies are EDM’d inside and out for uniform, controlled bevels to enhance sharpness and minimize cut-part distortion. Custom dies to proprietary specifications are also available. We make dies to meet any specification requirement.

Choose Your Sample Cutting Die in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Choose a Series

We offer two different series types to meet your budget and specifications.

D Series Cutting Dies

D Series dies are made from S-7 tool steel. We heat treat each die to proper hardness to meet your needs. Dies are EDM cut and CNC machined, and then hand polished to a smooth finish to ensure accurate cuts time and time again.

Why choose the D Series cutting die?

        • Made to last with the capability to be resharpened to maintain exact tolerances
          • We will sharpen them and keep them sharp, so you can rely on us for your most precise and accurate cutting needs. (Ask about our resharpening services)
        • Durable, shock resistant, impact resistant and offers high strength and toughness
        • Certificate of compliance
        • Tolerance to +/- 0.05 mm (+/- 0.002 in) or as required by the standard
        • Straight inside wall construction that guarantees exact tolerances are always maintained (even after repeated sharpening)
        • Includes a storage case

C Series Cutting Dies

C Series dies are made from spring steel which is less expensive compared to the D Series. The C Series dies serve lighter duty or applications where a sample cutter is used intermittently from time to time. The C Series cannot be resharpened and can wear out faster than the D Series. If you plan on testing tough samples or are planning to cut a large amount of samples, we recommend the D Series.

Why choose the C Series cutting die?

        • Cuts elastomers, films, rubber and other pliable materials for testing (Does not cut thick 3.1 mm (0.125 in) rigid HDPE plastic)
        • Made to match the strict dimensions required by the standard
        • 16 mm (0.63 in) hardwood base
        • 23.7 mm (0.937 in) ground edged steel rule blade (extremely sharp)
        • Total tool height with ejection rubber 25.4 mm (1 in) high
        • Includes ejection rubber to easily eject samples after they are cut
        • Lowest cost

Manual, pneumatic and hydraulic presses are available that enable the test machine to compress and manufacture your samples with minimal effort. If you plan on testing lots of samples we recommend you consider investing in additional fixturing to add this functionality to your test machine. Contact us for a quote.

Step 2: Choose a Standard Test Method

ASTM and ISO standards demand that materials used in testing conform to the industry specifications. Die cutters are necessary to fabricate samples that meet the requirements for a specific standard test method. For example, an ASTM standard for paper may require a sample be cut so that it is 304.8 mm (12 in) long, 203.2 mm (8 in) wide, and 6.35 mm (1/4 in) thick. You would want a cutting die designed to those specifications to ensure accurate and consistent test samples.

ASTM Cutting Dies

Our ASTM cutting dies are made to the requirements of a broad range of industry standard test methods. Custom specimen dies are also available.

ASTM Cutting Dies
Standard D Series Model C Series Model Sample Type    
ASTM D412 DD412 CD412 A B C D E F
ASTM D638 DD638 CD638 I II III IV V  
ASTM D1004 DD1004 CD1004  
ASTM D1708 DD1708 CD1708  
ASTM D624 DD624 CD624 A B C T   

Example: A cutting die for D Series ASTM D638 with a IV sample type would have the following model number: DD638-IV (format: model - sample type)

ISO Cutting Dies

ISO cutting dies are made to the requirements of a broad range of industry standard test methods. Custom specimen dies made to your requirements are available.

ISO Cutting Dies
Standard D Series Model C Series Model Sample Type
ISO 34-1 DISO34-1 CISO34-1 Fig. 1 Fig. 2  Fig. 3   
ISO 37 DISO37 CISO37 1 1A 2 3 4
ISO 527-1     1A 1BA  
ISO 527-2 DISO527-2 CISO527-2 1A 1B 1BA  5A
ISO 527-3 DISO527-3 CISO527-3 1B  

Example: A cutting die for a D Series ISO34-1 with a 1C sample type has the following model number: DISO34-1-1C (format: model - sample type)

Step 3: Contact Us to Request a Quote

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality cutting dies available. Contact us to confirm your selection, request a quote, and place your order. 

If you need a specific type of die that is not listed on our website, contact us. We probably have what you need!  We are constantly innovating new products and techniques to make sure that we provide you with excellent value for your money.

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