ISO 34-1 Cutting Die | CISO34-1 Fig. 3

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ISO 34-1 Cutting Die | CISO34-1 Fig. 3


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CISO34-1 Fig. 3

The CISO34-1 Fig. 3 certified cutting die is used for ISO 34-1 Fig. 3.Our C Series dies are crafted from spring steel, making them more budget-friendly compared to other alternatives. These dies are ideal for lighter duty applications or when a sample cutter is only needed temporarily.

C Series Features

        • Cuts elastomers, films, rubber and other pliable materials for testing (Does not cut thick 3.1 mm (0.125 in) rigid HDPE plastic)
        • Made to match the strict dimensions required by the standard
        • 16 mm (0.63 in) hardwood base
        • 23.7 mm (0.937 in) ground edged steel rule blade (extremely sharp)
        • Total tool height with ejection rubber 25.4 mm (1 in) high
        • Includes ejection rubber to easily eject samples after they are cut
        • Lowest cost