G83 Pneumatic Side Opening GripG83 Pneumatic Side Opening Grip


Model# G83
Force 3.5 kN (787 lbf)
Clamp Force 7 kN (1,575 lbf) at 100 psi
Specimen Thickness 30 mm (1.18 in)

These air operated grips clamp test samples via an internal actuated lever arm built into the grip body. The result is a constant clamp force maintained on the specimen, even if the sample creeps or necks down during the test.

Pneumatic grips enable the user to set the air pressure at the desired clamp load, and to repetitively reapply that load to a batch of test samples. The grips can be opened and closed in a handless operation using foot pedals that trigger the air cylinders. These grips can be configured with Teflon seals to handle testing in environments to 250C. Clamp force is 1500 pounds (7 kN) at 100 psi. In cases where higher air pressure is available (220 psi max), clamp load of more than 3000 pounds is possible.

Note: Optional adapters or mechanical connections available for all test machines.


  • Pneumatic, air operated grips
  • Clamp force is 1500 pounds (7 kN) at 100 psi.
  • Maximum of 220 psi, or 3000 lbs with additional air force
  • See literature for full line of models with differing jaw types and sizes

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