GT122 Mechanical Wedge GripGT122 Wedge Grip
Model# GT122
Force from 10 kN to 500 kN (2,250 lbf to 1112,000 lbf)
Thickness Ranges 18 - 21 mm (0.71 in to 0.83 in) 

GT122 Mechanical wedge action grips feature grip bodies that move vertically to open and close wedge jaws that remain stationary relative to the sample, and open and close laterally. As the handles are tightened manually, the grip bodies move, the jaws are held in position on the sample and open and close laterally. The dual acting wedge jaws also move simultaneously relative to the grip centerline, ensuring correct specimen alignment, removing bending strains that invalidate test results. Interchangeable JT122 jaws are available matched to the needs to test round and flat samples. These grips save time with a side opening that enables quick and easy sample insertion.

Note: Optional adapters or mechanical connections available for all test machines.

Features & benefits

  • Jaws move laterally in stationary position while grip body move on adjustment
  • works well with round and flat specimens
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