G23 Compression PlatenG23 Compression PlatensG23 Compression Platen

Our compression fixtures make it easy to perform compression tests. Fixed Platens are rigidly fixed, stiff and resistant to off center loads. That way, parallelism is ensured during specimen failure. Standard options include platens where the edge of the platen can attach to optional displacement transducers, allowing measurements of direct displacement between two (equal sized) platens during a compression test.

Model#   G23
Force   Depends on material choice, size and machine adapter type
Diameter   Standards version - 56 mm (2.2 in) to 346 mm (13.6 in)
Temperature   Depends on material chioce


  • Enables uniform compression stress distribution tests
  • Available as spherical or fixed platens
  • Available in steel, lightweight aluminum, bio-compatible delrin, or stainless steel construction
  • Available in a wide range of dimensions with test machine adapter to match your existing test machine
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