GISO14801 ISO 14801 Test FixtureGISO14801 ISO 14801 Test Fixture


Model# GISO14801

TestResources GISO 14801 Dental Fatigue Test Fixture product line tests exactly to ISO 14801 in FDA guidelines. This GISO 14801 is optimal for performing dynamic fatigue tests for endosseous dental implants.

GISO 14801 includes a fixed 30 degree angle and a hemispherical loading member with a radius of 2.5 mm to be mounted on the implants exposed end to avoid lateral stresses.

In test method ISO 14801, the test machine loads the sample with an indentor or flat punch fixture. The angle of inclination of the implant with respect to the load axis is 30 degrees. The implant is fastened at a specified (3 mm) distance from the apex from the level of the nominal bone or the treated surface of the implant. The implant holder and punch are made of stainless steel in the case of testing in a Biobath saline bath. The implant is fastened to the holder base by a tightening plate.

For testing to angles other than 30 degrees, take a look at the TestResources GISO 14801XY Flexible Dental Fatigue Test Fixture featuring adjustable angle and linear slides that allow the sample position to be adjusted linearly in X or Y dimension.


  • cup and probe size made to customer specification
  • meets ISO 14801
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