BOEING D888-10026 Test Fixture | GBOED888-10026-985

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Boeing D888-10026 Test Fixture | GBOED888-10026-985
Boeing D888-10026 Test Fixture | GBOED888-10026-985
Boeing D888-10026 boeing open hole compression text fixture


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GBOED888-10026-985 test fixture meets Boeing D888-10026 requirements for The Boeing D888-10026 test fixture is a face-supported compressive test fixture. It consists of two short-grip/long-grip assemblies, two support plates, and stainless steel shims to maintain a nominally zero gap between support plates and long grips. The fixture meets ASTM D6484 and is identical to Boeing D6-83079-71.

The fixture is confirmed for conformity to engineering drawings. Standard test specimens are 36 by 300 mm (or optionally 1.5 by 12 in (38.1 x 304.8 mm)).

In Procedure A, the fixture is gripped on each end by GX Series hydraulic wedge grips that are optionally available. The compressive load is transmitted by means of friction through the fixture into the test specimen.

In Procedure B, Model the fixture is positioned between model G23-116-S flat platens and loaded in compression at each end; force introduced into the fixture is transmitted by means of friction into the test specimen.

A cutout exists on both faces of the fixture for a thermocouple, fastener, or extensometer, as required by the test. The long and short fixtures have an undercut along the corner of the specimen grip area so that specimens are not required to be chamfered and to avoid damage caused by the radius. The fixtures also allow a slight clearance between the fixture and the gage section of the specimen, in order to minimize grip failures and friction effects.