DIN EN ISO 178 Test Fixture | GISO178-103

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DIN EN ISO 178 Test Fixture | GISO178-103
DIN EN ISO 178 Test Fixture | GISO178-103
DIN EN ISO 178 Test Fixture | GISO178-103


Model #
Max Force Capacity
50 kN (11250 lbf)
Fixture Adapter
Af318 (31.8 mm or 1.25 in) with 12.7 mm crosspin. Other adapter sizes available on request.
GISO178-103 test fixture meets DIN EN ISO 178 requirements for Three point flexural tests on plastics and composites. A three-point bend fixture should be used when testing to ISO 178. Three point bend fixtures are designed with a loading section, an upper anvil that can be adjusted to accommodate different heights and positions on the crosshead, and a lower support beam with two adjustable anvils. Our design ensures that our fixtures can be used for a wide variety of tasks and will ensure compatibility for many different materials. We have a wide range of bend fixtures that are compliant with the requirements specified in ISO 178 for use with the 2.0 mm radius anvils to test thinner specimens or the 5.0 mm radius anvils for thicker specimens. The length of support for this test is determined by the thickness of the specimen. It may vary depending on how stiff a material being tested is. Adjustable anvils allow you to dictate the distance and provide accurate positioning and measurements. Aligning the specimens properly for each test is important as it can cause significant variation in results. The adjustability also makes it easy to center a deflectometer when using strain measurement devices. Optional alignment arms that are an inexpensive way to adjust to the width of the specimen.


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