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EN ISO 15630-1 Guided Bend Test Fixture | GISO15630-1-260

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G260 ASTM E190 E290 Bend Fixture
G260 Guided Bend Fixture
G260 Weld Bend Fixture
600 kN G260 Weld Bend Fixture


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GISO15630-1-260 test fixture meets EN ISO 15630-1 requirements for guided 3p bending tests on metals. The G260 family of guided bend fixtures are configured with modular components that serve a wide variety of standard test requirements. The product line includes optional test machine adapters to enable their use with hydraulic and electromechanical test machines, which are required to produce the high bend forces.

The G260 family uses plungers or loading struts with a fixed diameter nose that is matched for specific specimen thicknesses.

The fixture base is equipped with a dowel hole in the center so that it can be doweled to the test machine’s compression base and kept from sliding during a test. This maintains plunger alignment in relation to the fixture base so that the force is centered in the fixture span.

Hardened rollers in the fixture base rotate freely to allow the specimen to slide as the plunger moves vertically between the rollers. The depth of the fixture should be sized to allow a full 180 degree bend in the specimen. Bending forces are applied as the test machine crosshead or base plate moves and the flat specimen is forced against the plunger, forcing the specimen into a 180 degree bend using the rollers on the fixture base.

In weld bend test applications, a lower anvil base can be adjusted to different positions to allow for testing different thickness specimens. Plungers are needed for each thickness specimen. Multiple struts can be provided to specific application requirements. In guided bend test applications, the fixtures have a fixed span base and a single diameter loading strut or plunger to form a complete assembly. Specimen loading is the same as with the weld bend fixture. Plungers must be purchased for each test scenario. Each fixture is configured to match plate thickness requirements.


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