DIN 53362 Test Fixture | GDIN53362-853

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DIN 53362 Test Fixture | GDIN53362-853
DIN 53362 Test Fixture | GDIN53362-853


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GDIN53362-853 test fixture meets DIN 53362 requirements for stiffness of woven, air bag, blankets, napped, knitted, layered, and pile fabrics. DIN 53362 applies to woven fabrics, air bag fabrics, blankets, napped fabrics, knitted fabrics, layered fabrics, and pile fabrics. The test method covers the measurement of stiffness properties of fabrics. Bending length is measured and flexural rigidity is calculated. GDIN53362 test fixture is designed for the Cantilever Test which employs the principle of cantilever bending of the fabric under its own mass.
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