ASTM E643 Test Fixture | GE643-805

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ASTM E643 Test Fixture | GE643-805


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GE643-805 test fixture meets ASTM E643 requirements. ASTM E643 ball punch deformation test is widely used to evaluate and compare the formability of metallic sheet materials. Biaxial stretching is the predominant mode of deformation occurring during the test and, therefore, the results are most often used to rate or compare materials that are to be formed mainly by stretching. However, precise correlations between the cup height as determined by ASTM E643 and the formability of a sheet material under production conditions have not been established. ASTM E643 covers the procedure for conducting the ball punch deformation test for metallic sheet materials intended for forming applications. The test applies to specimens with thicknesses between 0.008 and 0.080 in.