ASTM D7774 Plastics Fatigue Test Fixture | GD7774-103

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ASTM D7774 Test Fixture | GD7774-103
GD7774-103 Four Point Flexural Fatigue Fixture


Model #
Max Force Capacity
50 kN (11250 lbf)
Fixture Adapter
Af318 (31.8 mm or 1.25 in) with 12.7 mm crosspin. Other adapter sizes available on request.
GD7774-103 test fixture meets ASTM D7774 requirements. ASTM D7774 describes how to measure the full reversed fatigue properties of plastics in flexure, and applies to both rigid and semi-rigid plastics. Stress and strain levels are below the proportional limit of the plastic where the strains and stresses are relatively elastic. Both three and four point bend fixtures are used for the tests