ASTM D7291 Test Fixture | GD7291-943

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ASTM D7291 Test Fixture | GD7291-943


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GD7291-943 test fixture meets ASTM D7291 requirements. ASTM D7291 test method determines the through-thickness “flatwise” tensile strength and elastic modulus of fiber reinforced polymer matrix composite materials. A tensile force is applied normal to the plane of the composite laminate using adhesively bonded thick metal end-tabs. The composite material forms are limited to continuous or discontinuous fiber (tape or 2-dimensional fabric, or both) reinforced composites. ASTM D7291 subjects a relatively large volume of material to an almost uniform stress field.

A composite specimen in the shape of either a straight-sided cylindrical disk or a reduced gauge section cylindrical “spool” is adhesively bonded to cylindrical metal end tabs. The bonded assembly is loaded under “flatwise” tension loading by a force applied normal to the plane of the composite laminate until failure of the laminate occurs. The test is valid only when failure occurs entirely within the composite laminate. The test is invalid if failure of the bond-line or partial failure of the bond-line and the surface layer of the composite occurs. The failure mode of this test is not controlled. The failure may be intralaminar or interlaminar in nature. If force-strain data are required, the specimen may be instrumented with strain gages provided certain specimen thickness requirements are satisfied.
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