ASTM D7250 Flexural Test Fixture | GD7250-22

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ASTM D7250 Test Fixture | GD7250-22


Model #
Max Force Capacity
50 kN (11250 lbf)
Fixture Adapter
Af318 (31.8 mm or 1.25 in) with 12.7 mm crosspin. Other adapter sizes available on request.
GD7250-22 test fixture meets ASTM D7250 requirements. GD7250-22 permits the use of either single midspan loading (three point), or two-point loading (four point fixture). The fixture is coupled to the base and to the upper moving crosshead of any universal testing machine. An option is the addition of alignment rods and linear bearings to the standard fixture which then maintains mutual alignment of the halves of the fixture independent of test machine alignment. The lower attachment is eliminated, the fixture resting unconstrained on the base of the testing machine. To keep the total weight of the fixture lower, the loading and support beams and the loading and support heads are fabricated of aluminum rather than steel. Pivoting flats are generally used in ASTM D7250 applications. ASTM D7250 also permits the use of cylindrical loading and support points. GD7250-22 Long Beam Flexure Fixture can be configured to accommodate specimens of longer lengths and widths. By adding some minor components the same fixture can be configured to meet ASTM D790, D6272, and ASTM D7264 requirements. The same fixture meets ASTM C393 and ASTM D7249 requirements also.
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