ASTM D7078 V Notched Rail Test Fixture | GD7078-722

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ASTM D7078 V-Notched Rail Shear Fixtures | GD7078-722
ASTM D7078 specimen alignment tools


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GD7078-722 test fixture meets ASTM D7078 requirements. Each half of the fixture contains a side rail and two gripping plates that have a high coefficient of friction thermal spray coating on the grip surface. Three bolts apply pressure to each grip plate to secure the specimen during loading. The fixture is loaded in tension.

V-Notched Rail Shear Fixtures are derived from the ASTM rail shear method with the specimen face clamped on both sides, which gives it a strong rigid hold, which is important particularly for laminates with ±45° plies. These laminates have higher shear strengths and an increased risk of premature failure on the specimen edges instead of the area of interest between the V-notches.

To ensure alignment of the specimen to the load line, for the ASTM D7078 V-Notched Rail Shear Fixture, plastic V-bars are placed between the two half fixtures to align the specimen as the clamping screws are tightened. Once setup, the location devices can be removed and testing can begin. Also, with a thick lock ring, both upper and lower fixture halves are rigidly held, which ensures an accurate test. The fixtures are made to match design drawings available from ASTM.