ASTM D5961 Test Fixture | GD5961-985

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ASTM D5961 Test Fixture | GD5961-985


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GD5961-985 test fixture meets ASTM D5961 requirements. Procedure A tests composite laminates in double shear. The pin in the fixture shears a segment of the composite laminate test specimen by creating two shear planes in the pin. The test specimen is 5.5 in L x 1.5 in W, with a thickness in the range of 0.125” to 0.208”. A hardened steel pin with 0.25 in diameter is used. Model GD5961-A is required.

Procedure B is a specimen support fixture. Procedures A, C and D are pin bearing fixtures. Procedure B describes Specimen Support Fixture requirements.

Procedure C tests composite laminates in single shear. A single shear plane is developed in the loading pin as a tensile load is applied. Model GD5961-C is required.

Procedure D tests composite laminates in double shear. The applied compressive loading induces shear in both the specimen and the loading fastener (or pin). Load at failure and hole deformation are measured. Model GD5961-D is required.

Some of these fixtures may require an optional GX series hydraulic wedge grip.