ASTM D5528 Loading Block Test Fixture | GD5528-353

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ASTM D5528 Test Fixture | GD5528-353


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GD5528-353 test fixture meets ASTM D5528 requirements. ASTM D5528 determines the opening Mode I interlaminar fracture toughness (GIc) of continuous fiber-reinforced composite materials using the double cantilever beam (DCB) specimens. The test is for use with composites consisting of unidirectional carbon fiber and glass fiber tape laminates with brittle and tough single-phase polymer matrices.

The DCB consists of a uniform thickness unidirectional laminated composite specimen with a non adhesive insert on the midplane that serves as a delamination initiator. Opening forces are applied to the DCB specimen via piano hinges or loading blocks bonded to one end of the specimen. The ends of the DCB are opened by controlling either the opening displacement or the crosshead movement, while the load and delamination length are recorded.

Both piano hinges and loading block fixtures are available. Choose either solution for your application:


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