ASTM D4501 Shear Test Fixture | GD4501-1399

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ASTM D4501 Test Fixture | GD4501-1399
ASTM D4501 Block Shear Test Fixture Wood


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GD4501-1399 test fixture meets ASTM D4501 requirements. GD4501-1399 Block Shear Test Fixture consists of a holding block and a shearing tool. The holding block can accommodate specimens up to 80 by 80 by 13 mm (3 by 3 by 1⁄2 in.). For small specimens, an adapter plate can be inserted into the holding block to keep the shearing blade within its guides and to locate the specimen under the clamp.

The shearing blade accommodates specimens up to 30 by 30 by 13 mm (11⁄8 by 11⁄8 by 1⁄2 in.). Test specimens can be any size within the limits of the shearing fixture capacity. Typically:

Metal Blocks—25 by 25 by 6 mm (1 by 1 by 1⁄4 in.).
Ferrite or Ceramic Blocks—25 by 18 by 13 mm (1 by 3⁄4 by 1⁄2 in.).
Wood or Plastic Blocks—25 by 25 by 13 mm (1 by 1 by 1⁄2 in.).
Glass Plates—75 by 75 by 13 mm (3 by 3 by 1⁄2 in.).