ASTM D3410 Shear Test Fixture | GD3410-613

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ASTM D3410 Test Fixture | GD3410-613
GD3410-613 Shear Compression Test Fixture for Composites


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GD3410-613 test fixture meets ASTM D3410 requirements. The fixture includes wedge jaws. Each set of specimen wedge grips fits into a mating set of wedges that fits into the upper and lower wedge housing block assemblies. By using wedges of different thicknesses, specimens of varying thickness can be tested.

Typically, the upper wedge housing block assembly is attached to the upper crosshead of the test machine while the lower wedge housing block assembly rests on a lower platen. Compression test results generated by this test method are sensitive to the alignment of the specimen with respect to the longitudinal axis of the wedges in the test fixture. Specimen alignment can be accomplished by using an alignment jig or gage block that mechanically holds the specimen captive outside the fixture housing blocks.