ASTM D3167 Floating Roller Peel Test Fixture | GD3167-105

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ASTM D3167 Test Fixture | GD3167-105


Model #
Max Force Capacity
10 kN (2250 lbf)
Fixture Adapter
Af159 (15.9 mm or 5/8 in) with 8 mm crosspin; Other adapters available upon request.
GD3167-105 test fixture meets ASTM D3167 requirements. The floating roller peel fixture, also called a roller drum peel test fixture, measures the strength of adhesive bonds between a rigid adherend and a flexible adherend. As such, the floating roller peel fixture is an alternative to a climbing drum peel fixture. The floating roller test is generally considered to be more severe because the angle of peel is greater.


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