ASTM D3032 FIG18 Test Fixture | GD3032-1131

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ASTM D3032 FIG18 Test Fixture | GD3032-1131
Notch resistance fixture to measure force inc G1626 insulating adapter


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GD3032-1131 test fixture meets ASTM D3032 FIG18 requirements. ASTM D3032 test methods cover procedures for testing hookup wire. Hookup wire insulation tests cover all components of the insulation system used on single insulated conductors or an assembly of single insulated conductors such as a cable bundle and harness or flat ribbon cable. The insulating materials include not only the primary insulation over the conductor, but also insulating jackets over shielded constructions.

Physical tests include cold bend, crush resistance, dynamic cut through, strip force and tensile properties.
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