ASTM C749-B Test Fixture | GC749-B

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ASTM C749-B Test Fixture | GC749-B


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GC749-B test fixture meets ASTM C749-B requirements. GC749-B fixture is constructed of high strength steel with a protective black oxide finish and stainless steel in accordance with ASTM C749 method A. Items are included for each specimen size. Some parts are interchangeable, others are not per the standard. Includes Crosshead attachment Yokes - Threaded 1 in.-14 class 2A (416 or 440 Stainless Steel). Also includes Chain Journals - High Strength Steel - (416 or 440 Stainless Steel), and Dowel Pins with Knurled Ends - (416 or 440 Stainless Steel). Features High Strength Weld Chain - 4 links each, Grip Attachment Yokes - (416 or 440 Stainless Steel), Split Sleeve Sets - (416 or 440 Stainless Steel), Grip Sleeve - (416 or 440 Stainless Steel), and Bending Stress Monitor Rod. Specimen size is 1.0 inch.