ASTM C297 Test Fixture | GC297-113

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ASTM C297 Test Fixture | GC297-113


Model #
Max Force Capacity
50 kN (11250 lbf)
GC297-113 test fixture meets ASTM C297 requirements. Each half of the GC297-113 fixture incorporates a dual yoke to ensure pure axial load is applied. The fixture is available in three sizes (25 mm, 50 mm and 75 mm square) to fit varying specimen geometries. Each fixture can be supplied with multiple sets of bonding faces to facilitate testing to ASTM C297. This fixture can be used for a variety of core materials such as open cell honeycomb structures as well as continuous core structures such as foam or balsa wood.

This sandwich flatwise tension fixture measures the bond strength between the facing and core of a sandwich construction panel. If the bond strength is sufficiently strong then the strength of the core itself can be determined. The specimen is subjected to tensile loading, normal to the bond facing, and applied through thick loading blocks included with the fixture.


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