ASTM C1609 Test Fixture | GC1609-828

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ASTM C1609 Test Fixture | GD1609-828


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GC1609-828 test fixture meets ASTM C1609 requirements. The ASTM C1609 test method evaluates the flexural performance of fiber-reinforced concrete using parameters derived from the load-deflection curve obtained by testing a simply supported beam under third-point loading using a closed-loop, servo-controlled testing system.

ASTM C1609 provides for the determination of first-peak and peak loads and the corresponding stresses calculated by inserting them in a modulus of rupture formula. It requires determination of residual loads at specified deflections, the corresponding residual strengths calculated by inserting them in the formula for modulus of rupture. It provides for determination of specimen toughness based on the area under the load-deflection curve up to a prescribed deflection and a corresponding equivalent flexural strength ratio.

Specimen toughness expressed in terms of the area under the load-deflection curve is an indication of the energy absorption capability of the particular test specimen, and its magnitude depends directly on the geometry of the test specimen and the loading configuration.