Biomedical Bath
Biomedical Bath
Biomedical Bath
Made to order; standard 280 mm (11 in.) width and depth
Max. Temperature
45°C (113°F)

Features & Benefits

  • The BioBath product line includes modular components and subassemblies to configure bath systems to application requirements. The products include baths, heaters, chillers, temperature controllers, circulating pumps, RTD's, and test machine adapters.
  • A broad selection of compatible test machine adapters, grips, platens, and fixtures are available.
  • The tank includes a split removable cover provided to minimize evaporative losses. The standard tank includes a silcone oring sealed door tightened with thumb nuts. Input and output ports for circulating pump and sensors.
  • A teflon sheathed RTD sensor is included and can be placed freely in the bath. In static (non-circulating) applications, two RTDs are provided and mounted in tank ports.
  • Medical implant fatigue testing applications tend to be more long term in nature and circulation of media is normally desired.
  • BB10-T200 Biobath Chamber with Temperature Control - Circulating Media
  • GA140 type stainless steel test machine adapters (2) couple the bath to test machine baseplates and load cells. The base adapter includes an O-ring seal with locking nut. The upper grip is normally attached to a pull rod assembly to the load cell.
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BB Series Biomedical Bath

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