G36T-250-AL T Slot Test Plate

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Test fixtures to pull out screws from sample
Test fixtures to pull out screws from wood samples


Model #
Max Force Capacity
20 kN (4500 lbf)
Temperature Range
-70 to 180 C (-95 to 355 F)
Fixture Adapter
Af159 (15.9 mm or 5/8 in) with 8 mm crosspin; Other adapters available upon request.
Platen Type
Platen Material
Anodized Aluminum
T-slotted test plates simplify fixturing challenges when testing components and structures. T slotted test plates are a convenient way to secure asymmetrical tensile test samples. The plate is attached to the base of the load frame via a wide choice of load frame adapters or via four screws. T-slots can be supplied that run front-to-back, side-to-side, and diagonally.

Components and structures can be secured in position on the plate using the various clamp tools that are available. The design also allows you to use standard TestResources test fixtures, and other compatible fixtures. Includes T-slotted platen and nuts.


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