G23-156-M317-St Fixed Round Platen

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Model #
Max Force Capacity
50 kN (11250 lbf)
Temperature Range
-70 to 350 C (-95 to 650 F)
Fixture Adapter
Am317 (31.7 mm or 1.25 in) with 12.7 mm crosspin. Other adapter sizes available on request.
Platen Type
Platen Material
Hardened Steel
Compression platens help determine compression modulus, strength, and yield strength on a wide range of materials and components. Hardened (58 HRC) steel platens are required to test hard materials such as steel, composites, hard plastics, stone etc. They are nickel plated and feature etched circles for sample centering. Flat to 0.02 mm.

Fixed Platens are rigidly fixed, stiff and resistant to off center loads, ensuring parallelism is ensured during specimen failure. Standard options include platens where the platen edge can attach to optional deflection transducers, allowing direct displacement between equal sized platens during a compression test.


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