GISO7206 ISO 7206 Test FixtureGISO7206 ISO 7206 Test FixtureGISO7206 ISO 7206 Test Fixture


Model# GISO7206

G7206 fatigue fixture meets the requirements of ISO 7206-4, ISO 7206-6, and ISO 7206-8 to test the endurance properties of stemmed femoral hip implants. The test specimen holder is sized to accommodate a variety of test specimen mounting angles and positions, while allowing variation of the holders X-Y position on the machine base to ensure the force line of action runs through the center of the femoral head.

Loads are applied to the implant head by a cylindrical loading head attached to a low-friction bearing to prevent off-axis loading. Since biomedical implants will be used in vivo, the hip implant fatigue fixture is designed for use with biobaths to test in saline environments. A special alignment fixture is also available to ensure precise and accurate fixturing of the femoral hip implant in the specimen holder. This fixture allows precision measurement and adjustment of the implant mounting angle and height. Reference ISO 7206, 2002, Implants for surgery