GISO6872-543 ISO 6872 Test FixtureGISO6872-543 ISO 6872 Test Fixture


Model# GISO6872-543

The G6872-543 biaxial flexure fixture meets the requirements of ISO 6872 for testing the flexural strength of dental ceramic materials. The support fixture contains three 3.2 mm diameter steel balls, equally spaced 120 degrees apart, on a 10 mm diameter circle. The flat loading tip has a diameter of 1.4 mm as specified in ISO 6872. Specimens must be 1.2 mm thickness to be in accordance with ISO 6872 requirements and the fixture can accommodate samples between 12 and 15.5mm in diameter.

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Reference ISO 6872, 2008, Dentistry - Ceramic Materials, International Organization for Standardization, Geneva, Switzerland, 2008.