GF2346 ASTM F2346 Test FixtureGF2346 ASTM F2346 Test Fixture


Model# GF2346

The GF2346 compression, compressive shear, and torsion fixtures meets the requirements of ASTM F2346 for static and fatigue testing of artificial spinal discs. Artificial spinal disc implants must be able to withstand the full range of loads and motions experienced in all regions of the human spine, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. For this reason, ASTM F2346 specifies a portfolio of both static and dynamic tests with compression, compression-shear, and torsion loads. The axial compression and compression-shear tests use the same apparatus with the exception of a 45 degree rotation of the inferior fixture. The torsion test apparatus is similar to the compression apparatus, but with the use of a spherical gimbal mechanism on the superior fixture to transmit torsional loads to the artificial disc. Static tests are conducted with metal support blocks having tensile yield strength of 1170 MPa and compressive yield load of 25 KN, based on cross sectional area. Fatigue test procedures prescribe testing to 10 million cycles using polyacetal support blocks with an ultimate tensile strength of 61 MPa. Reference ASTM Standard F 2346, 2005, Standard Test Methods for Static and Dynamic Characterization of Spinal Artificial Discs, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, 2005.