GE399-353 ASTM E399 Test FixtureGE399-353 ASTM E399 Test Fixture


Model# GE399-353

GE399-353 Fracture Toughness Clevis Grip Fixture is designed for static and dynamic testing of compact tension specimen in accordance with relevant ASTM standard practices. The fracture toughness tests such as KIc, JIc and CTOD can be conducted using these clevises in accordance with ASTM E399. 

To meet the test requirements for specimens of varying width and thickness, a series of clevis grips with varying sizes are available. Standard grips are rated from 0 °C to 100 °C (32°F to 212°F) for low temperature and elevated temperature applications. Models are available that will accommodate temperature ranges from -70°C to 1000°C (-94°F to 1832°F).


  • Rugged
  • Compatible with a broad temperature range
  • Compatible per ASTM E399, E647 and E1820
  • Adapters available for all brands of test machines
  • Available in many sizes  
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