GD695-793 ASTM D695 Test Fixture


Model# GD695-793
Thickness 0.76 mm to 6.35 mm (0.03 in to 0.25 in)

GD695-793 is made per ASTM D695 Figure 3. Platen to Platen mounting (platens not included). Stainless steel construction with two side plates and four clamping bolts and nuts. Platen to platen mounting (platens not included). Note: Optional adapters or mechanical connections available for all test machines.


  • Rated 22,480 lbs (100 kN)
  • Width 0.500 in. +/-0.005 in. reduced gage section
  • Thickness 0.030 in. to 0.250 in. with Length 3.180 in. +/-0.005 in.
  • Adapters or couplers available to match your test machine