GD6671 ASTM D6671 Test FixtureGD6671 ASTM D6671 Test FixtureGD6671 ASTM D6671 Test Fixture


Model# GD6671
Temperature -85 to 122 C (-120 to 250 F)

Optional adapters or mechanical connections available for all test machines.


  • Base, lever, roller and roller holder, hinge clamps, saddle, loading yoke and ball bearing.
  • Accommodates specimens up to 1.5" in width, thicknesses up to 1/4", and lengths up to 9".
  • Fixture is manufactured of aluminum and stainless steel
  • Fixture measures approximately 12" x 6" x 10".
  • LVDT is optional.
  • Adapters or couplers available to match your test machine