GD6241-175H ASTM D6241 Test Fixture


Model# GD6241-175
Force 100 kN (22,500 lbf)
Diameter Probe size - 50 mm (1.97 in)

The GD6241-175H Hydraulic Clamping Fixture is specifically made to test for the ASTM D6241 standards. This clamping fixture applies up to 100 kN clamping force (or 22,500 lbs).

Using this clamping fixture, a test specimen is clamped between the circular plates and force is exerted against the center of the unsupported portion of the test specimen by a steel plunger attached to the load indicator until rupture occurs.

Note that this machine requires the customer to provide compressed air supply - 70 psi (5 bar).


  • 50 mm diameter probe
  • 150 mm inside diameter clamp
  • Meets ASTM D6241
  • Hydraulic clamp produces up to (100 kN) (22,500 lbf) clamping force
  • Requires customer to provide compressed air supply - 70 psi (5 bar)
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