ASTM D5379 Test FixtureASTM D5379 Test FixtureASTM D5379 Test Fixture


Model# GD5379-600

GD5379-600 is a four-point asymmetric flexure fixture which tests for shear properties by means of the V-notched beam method. Each half of the fixture contains a wedge-action grip which lightly clamps one half of the test specimen across the specimen width while simultaneously supporting the specimen on its back face. One of the grips, normally the lower half, is mounted on a base plate which also supports a linear bearing shaft, while the other grip, normally in the upper position, contains a linear bearing which mounts over the shaft on the base. Each element is attached to or supported by one of the testing machine heads. A specified gap is left unsupported between fixture halves. An alignment tool is provided to ensure that the specimen notch is aligned with the line of action of the loading fixture. Learn more about ASTM D5379.

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