GD4964-43 ASTM D4964 Test Fixture


Model# GD4964-43
Roller Diameter 6.5 mm (0.26 in) or 13 mm (0.51 in)

The GD4964 Tension Elastic Fabric Sample Holder Test Fixture's band clamps are used to hold the loop specimen during testing. Made per ASTM D4964, the fixture has a 6.5mm or 13mm diameter x 76mm long roller. It also comes with a 15.9mm female cup adapter with a hole for a 8mm diameter cross pin (additional machine adapters available). The diameter of the anvils can be made to 0.5 inches or 0.25 inches. The length of the anvil is more than 3 inches. These grips are used in conjunction with 100, 200 or 300 series test machine. Reference ASTM Standard D 4964, 2007, Standard Test Method for Tension and Elongation of Elastic Fabrics.